About us

The May Centre is a place for adults with disabilities to go and enjoy a number of different activities in a relaxed and safe environment.

We are entirely funded by donations, fund raising events, bequests and occasional grants for specific projects.

The centre is used weekly by other organisations specifically catering for people with disabilities.

A small charge is made for that and for the May Bus which is available for hire to similar clubs.


The May Centre is a registered charity and was built in 1982. It was the project that year of the Mayor, Counsellor Ken Markland, who realised a need for a day centre specifically for adults with disabilities and with support of the local council and the people of Beccles raised money to achieve his vision. The centre is located at the end of Common Lane South, adjacent to the sports centre and it is open: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 3pm

There is a management committee which oversees the centre activities, it is voluntary and meets regularly. We have an AGM each summer.

The day to day activities are managed by the organiser and a team of helpers all of whom, including the drivers are volunteers.